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Industrial robot automation, intelligent system integration total solution provider


Jiangsu Beiren Body Business Department has been taking auto parts and OEMs as its main customers, and is committed to providing customers with flexible, automated and intelligent production lines and related services. Completed the design and integration of the production line covering the entire body body welding system of front and rear longitudinal beams, front and rear floors, seat frames, front and rear side walls, front and bottom upper and lower plates, tail end plates, water tank crossbeams, bumpers, and four doors. Through nearly 10 years of hard work and the successful delivery of nearly a thousand projects, Jiangsu Beiren Body Business Department has accumulated rich experience in production line integration in welding applications, and realized product switching standardization, positioner standardization, and fixture standardization. Flexible function, proficient in spot welding, arc welding, laser welding, hemming, coating, stud welding, rotary tapping riveting, self-piercing riveting, pressure riveting, riveting, projection welding and a series of body connection processes, and will Offline programming, visual guidance, online measurement, MES system and other core intelligent technologies are applied to the corresponding projects, aiming to provide customers with professional, customized and lean industry solutions.

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Automotive arc welding

Jiangsu Beiren Automotive Arc Welding Division is committed to providing turnkey projects and services for auto parts arc welding business. It has an experienced solution, design, project management and engineering commissioning team. Arc welding business solutions, related products include front sub-frame, rear sub-frame, control arm, seat frame, commercial vehicle axle components, etc. The experience of the chassis project covers the products of domestic and foreign OEMs of Volkswagen, General Motors, Tesla, Honda, Geely, FAW and BAIC.
Every change is a combination of opportunities and challenges. The Automotive Arc Welding Division will rely on Jiangsu Beiren to continue to deepen the needs of the automotive industry and provide customers with more accurate and efficient services.

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Smart equipment

Jiangsu Beiren Intelligent Equipment Division provides overall intelligent solutions in the assembly field. The service industry includes automobiles, heavy trucks, construction machinery, etc., the application process includes press-fitting, tightening, oil injection, gluing, testing, etc., and is equipped with MES system to ensure the intelligent operation of the production line. The business covers automobile chassis assembly line, truck axle assembly line , Valve body / Heavy industry assembly line, etc.

With rich practical experience, we provide customers with integrated solutions that can not only effectively solve actual production problems, but also consider all aspects of economic practicability, plant layout, production efficiency and other aspects for customers to create efficient productivity.

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New energy

Jiangsu Beiren New Energy Business Department focuses on the development of the connection process of new energy vehicle battery box technology, provides customers with turnkey projects for battery box welding production lines, and tailors a complete set of process solutions for customers, including: laser welding, arc Welding, spot welding, gluing, curing, cleaning, airtight, stud welding, riveting, machining, etc. a series of process solutions for battery box processing and connection technology.

The New Energy Business Department has inherited many years of experience in aluminum alloy connection technology from Jiangsu Beiren. It has a wealth of implementation cases of aluminum alloy CCB, aluminum alloy bumpers, aluminum alloy chassis, aluminum alloy doors, and aluminum alloy battery boxes. The new energy application solution is our only pursuit.

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General industry

Jiangsu Beiren General Industrial Division provides high-end equipment manufacturing fields such as aerospace, heavy industry, ships, passenger cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, and welded structural products of various metal materials to provide customers with industrial robot automation and intelligent System integration overall solution and turnkey project, mainly involving carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other metal materials parts or structural products, industrial robot automated welding, 3D & 2D visual positioning intelligent grasping, laser processing, logistics automation engineering, industrial R & D, design, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning, production management and sales of control and informatization and welding equipment automation production lines.

Through years of continuous R & D testing and technology accumulation, it has core technologies in welding process, visual intelligent grasping, virtual design and simulation of production lines, laser processing, industrial control and informationization, and has successfully applied to thousands of project cases Medium, to improve the production efficiency of customers in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing, so as to achieve an unmanned or less-mannered production state.

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General Service

With the improvement of the "Jiangsu Beiren" brand, in order to ensure the interests of customers to the greatest extent, the company established the "Integrated Service Division", whose main responsibilities are:
       1. According to customer needs, provide customers with corresponding solutions, technical support, etc .;
       2. Transformation and upgrading services (strategic cooperation of equipment manufacturers);
       3. To provide customers with "three guarantees" equipment services: installation, commissioning, training services;
       4. Ensure the supply of customer equipment repair parts, responsible for customer equipment repair and maintenance;
       5. Provide customers with regular telephone calls and home visits to ensure stable and safe operation of customer equipment;
       6. Service hotline: 400-101-6959.

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Company News

Professionalism is self-confidence, innovation leads development, dedication and market development, and responsibility creates a brand

News | 2020.03.31

Ten Years and Years Like a Shuttle, Ten Years of Wind and Rain in the Same Plan Plan March 31, 2020 Jiangsu Beiren Robot System Co., Ltd. R & D and Intelligent Production Line Project (Phase II) The groundbreaking ceremony was successfully h

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News | 2020.03.08

This special spring of 2020, The 110th International Women's Day is just like spring. On weekdays, you must be familiar with them. In the family, they are daughters, wives, and mothers; At work, they are sales, planning, design,

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News | 2020.03.06

On March 6th, Suzhou Industrial Park held a world-class high-tech park and a new era of reform and opening up a new highland oath meeting was successfully held. Lan Shaomin, Member of the Standing Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Co

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News | 2020.02.20

On February 20th, Lin Xiaoming, deputy director of Suzhou Industrial Park Management Committee, and Wu Xiaohua, director of the Talent Division of the Organization Department, visited our company to visit our company, aiming to visit the imp

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News | 2020.02.10

The current epidemic situation, the national war "epidemic"! The front line of anti-epidemic affects everyone's heart. Since the prevention and control work was carried out, Jiangsu Beiren has set up a new coronavirus prevention and control

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News | 2020.01.07

On the evening of January 6, 2020, Jiangsu Beiren Robot System Co., Ltd. "Move forward with heart, do not forget the original intention, create the future, build a dream and voyage" 2020 annual ceremony and employee awards dinner was grandly

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News | 2019.12.31

2019 is a very extraordinary year! Putian celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, "Me and My Motherland" sang across the rivers. 2019 is a memorable year!

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News | 2019.12.11

On the morning of December 11, Jiangsu Beiren Robot System Co., Ltd. was officially listed on the Science and Technology Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and officially entered the capital market. Stock code: 688218.

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News | 2019.08.21

August is a season of high enthusiasm, and today is the 9th birthday of Beiren Jiangsu! Nine spring and autumn replacements, nine years of hard work, and more than 3,200 suns and sunsets cast today's northerners in Jiangsu. In these nine yea

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News | 2019.04.20

On April 19, the 2019 China Robot Industry Development Forum and the 5th Chapec Awards ceremony was held in Wuhu, Anhui. As the first major event of the Chinese robot industry in 2019, the fifth Chapec Awards Ceremony has become the focus of

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News | 2019.03.26

On March 26, 2019, Lin Xiaoming, a member of the Work Committee and Deputy Director of the Suzhou Industrial Park Management Committee, visited the Northern People of Jiangsu and sent a condolences to the experts from the Jinji Lake Talent P

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News | 2019.03.09

Fireworks In March, members of the China Europe International Business School Shanghai Class 183 study tour group came to Gusu City, ran for drinks, and visited Qunying. On March 9, 2019, members of the study tour visited Jiangsu Beiren for

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News | 2019.02.25

In February 2019, the 2018 SAIC General Tooling and Mould Supplier Conference was held in Shanghai with the theme of moving forward and striving for innovation. Jiangsu Beiren won the 2018 Best Supplier Award.

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News | 2019.02.22

On February 22, 2019, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park Wu Qingwen and Deputy Director of the Industrial Park Management Committee Liu Xiaomei and other delegations visited Jiangsu Beiren for inspection and r

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News | 2018.07.18

On July 17th, the People's Network Jiangsu Channel published an article titled "Zhu Zhenyou, a Northern Man of Jiangsu: Be a Craftsman and Add Brick to China's Intelligent Manufacturing".

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News | 2018.06.08

June 7, 2018: Mr. Inaba Qingdian, the head of FANUC's dedicated / robot division, and Mr. Qian Hui, general manager of Shanghai Fanuc Robotics Co., Ltd. and other delegations visited the headquarters of Jiangsu Beiren to visit and communicat

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News | 2018.01.19

The 2017 SGM tooling mold supplier summary & watch conference and "Innovation of Craftsmen, Smart Manufacturing of Fine Products" were held in Shanghai in January 2018.

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News | 2018.01.11

The FANUC Global Partner Conference was grandly held, and industry veterans gathered here. As a benchmark of the industry, Beiren was invited to attend the ceremony and won the "201 Best Application Award" for its innovative technology and p

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News | 2017.11.20

On the afternoon of November 15, Dr. Zhu Zhenyou, the general manager of Jiangsu Beiren, and Dr. Lin Tao, the deputy general manager, were hired as visiting professors at Shenyang University and held an appointment ceremony at Shenyang Unive

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News | 2017.06.23

Jiangsu Beiren Robot System Co., Ltd. Announcement for IPO Acceptance Tutoring Jiangsu Beiren Robot System Co., Ltd. plans to IPO and is listed on the GEM. It is now receiving counseling from Soochow Securities Co., Ltd. (a tutoring institut

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News | 2017.03.09

2016 is the end, 2017 we meet the challenge With the spirit of pursuing excellent quality and creating a first-class brand, Jiangsu Beiren has continuously obtained customers, industries and Affirmations and awards from other units and ins

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News | 2016.11.18

On the morning of November 17, 2016, Ms. Ye Tan, a well-known financial critic and columnist, visited Jiangsu Beiren Robot System Co., Ltd. Ms. Ye Tan conducted detailed consultation on the company's development prospects, robot industry mar

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News | 2016.10.03

The National Day holiday is coming to an end. What are your friends doing during the National Day holiday? Sun food like this? Travel this way? Of course, there should also be sun-blocking circles around the sun are happy, but there are such

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News | 2016.08.29

The same piece of iron can be sawn and destroyed, or it can be made into steel; the same team can be busy and ineffective. On August 27, 2016, Jiangsu Beiren organized new employees to go to Jiangxiang Cultural Village in Changshu City to pa

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News | 2016.06.20

On June 14-17, 2016, the 21st Beijing Essen Welding and Cutting Exhibition was held in Beijing International Exhibition Center. As one of the two major professional welding exhibitions in the world, the Essen exhibition enjoys a good reputat

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News | 2016.05.25

In order to promote the corporate culture and strengthen the cohesion of the company, the principle of people-oriented and happy work will be used to further stimulate employees' enthusiasm, initiative and enthusiasm for work, increase the s

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News | 2016.04.15

On April 14, 2016, Mr. Liu Chengwei, the president of Yuanhe Holdings, visited Jiangsu Beiren to visit and guide. This visit to Jiangsu Beiren Company was warmly received by Zhu Zhenyou, general manager of Jiangsu Beiren. First of all, Presi

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News | 2016.03.20

On March 18, the 2017 China Robot Industry Development Forum and the 3rd Chapec Awards Ceremony were grandly held in Suzhou Haozhong. Nearly 1,000 industries Experts, industrial robot companies, service robot companies, system integrators,

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News | 2016.03.03

Congratulations to Jiangsu Beiren Robot System Co., Ltd. for winning the Oscar Chapeck Award in the robot industry. The Chapeck Award is an award established to commemorate the inventor of robot vocabulary to recognize companies and individu

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News | 2016.01.19

On the morning of November 19, 2016, with the completion of the pouring of the last tank of concrete, the construction of the Jiangsu Beiren New Factory Project was successfully capped, marking the completion of the main civil works of the p

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News | 2015.09.14

On September 10, 2015, Beiren Robot System (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. successfully held the founding meeting of the joint stock company and the first general meeting of shareholders. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Zhu Zhenyou, the convener of the jo

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News | 2015.05.28

When I met the Northerner, I remembered my true self for five years. In the long river of history, it was just the moment of the finger; five years, it seemed even insignificant in the evolution of the vast universe. With the vicissitudes of

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News | 2015.01.02

Jiangsu Beiren Robot System Co., Ltd. won the title of Excellent Management Award of 2015 SGM Tooling and Mould Supplier of SAIC GM for its product quality, exquisite workmanship, and excellent training system and after-sales service.

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News | 2014.01.02

At the recently concluded Shanghai GM Supplier Conference, as a long-term partner of Shanghai GM, Beiren Robot stood out from many suppliers and was awarded the "Outstanding Progress Award" of the 2014 tooling tool supplier-welding fixture b

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The same piece of iron can be sawn and destroyed, or it can be made into steel; the same team can be busy and ineffective. In order to further enhance teamwork and communication and shape the teamwork spirit of team members, on August 27, 2016, Jiangsu Beiren organized new employees to go to Jiangxiang Cultural Village in Changshu City to participate in outdoor development training.

Jiangsu Beiren team tourism activities ended successfully

In order to promote the corporate culture and strengthen the cohesion of the company, the principle of people-oriented and happy work will be used to further stimulate employees' enthusiasm, initiative and enthusiasm for work, increase the sense of belonging of employees, and allow employees to have a full rest and relaxation.

[9th Anniversary] Witness · Metamorphosis · Bloom

August is a season of high enthusiasm, and today is the 9th birthday of the Northern People of Jiangsu! Nine spring and autumn changes, nine years of hard work, and more than 3,200 suns and sunsets cast today's northern Jiangsu. In these nine years, we have written his story with heart. In the story, there is me, you, everyone.
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